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“Next” is the first-ever new-age innovative e-commerce website that provides its customers with the prospect of paying for their purchases in installments ONLINE. This system of purchasing a product through multiple partial payments is called Layaway. No extra interest will be added to the payments, only a preset amount will be deducted from the customer’s checking account as per scheduled payment.


The Concept and Objective of “Next” are very simple. This is to help people buy the electronic appliances that they want to without going into any kind of crippling debt and at the same time to take the current marketing trend towards a new direction. Through our app and website, our clients will have the opportunity to browse for all kinds of new and trendy electronic items from a plethora of high-end brands. And after they find the accessory or appliance which they love, they can place their order. However, they are not required to make the full payment on the product on the spot.

Pay at your convenience

Our clients only need to pay a deposit on their products based on a fixed percentage of their total bill on the checking account. This system works as reserving an item for oneself by removing it from the metaphorical online shelf. And you can get your hands on that item only after you have paid the full due on that product.
“Next” offers its customers different timelines for paying installment – 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months and customized. There is some fee associated with the payment since “Next” must lay the item away in storage until the payments are completed and the International branded products are imported into our stock.

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